The Tall Poppy Group is a technical consultancy and start-up skunkworks.

Here’s what we’re working on now…

Bugcrowd – BETA

Bug bounty programs are awesome – just ask Google, Facebook, Paypal, Mozilla, and a raft of others – but most organisations are still uncomfortable at the prospect of encouraging random hackers to attack their stuff.

Bugcrowd provides fully managed bug bounty programs without the “ick” factor. Our testers are fully vetted, all testing is monitored and controlled, and you always have someone who’ll pick up the phone.

If you have a business that relies on it’s web presence and are interested in running a fully managed bug bounty program please get in touch via the Bugcrowd splash page.

White Label Security – ACTIVE

White Label Security gives IT organisations of all types the ability to add information security services, like penetration testing and code review, to their services menu; and for security companies to bolster and/or backfill their resource pool.

The goal of White Label Security is to put Tall Poppy Group’s professional services offerings at the disposal of those best positioned to identify the need.


The Tall Poppy Group built RDPCheck as a security awareness tool in response to the MS12-020 vulnerability in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

RDPCheck is a free web based service which helps individuals and businesses check their PC’s and networks for exposure to attacks on the RDP vulnerability by hackers, bots or an RDP worm.

Get in touch at hello@tallpoppygroup.com, or call +61 2 8022 8351.