SCAM: [Video] – Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!

6TH JUNE 2012 UPDATE: There seems to be a fresh outbreak of this. If you’ve seen it please do me a favour and do a Facebook share with my very new Facebook page. You’ll have to like it first to share it – I don’t care if you unlike it straight after… This is not about getting more like, I want to get a live version of this scam to check if it has mutated. Thanks!

Geez, either the Facebook scammers are extra busy tonight or my friends are extra “in the mood to get pwned”. The following link is fake:

[Video] – Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!

This will take you to a different page which will click-jack your Facebook and possibly download bad stuff. Avoid it

I’ve followed the code trail… I can tell you that, one the versions we’ve seen, there is eventually a flash video and:

  1. The video isn’t really worth viewing (READ: yawn),
  2. It’s VERY easy to insert malicious code via a Flash video. I couldn’t see any but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Avoid it.

p.s. Please Like, Retweet and +1 this link. It helps to get the word out!

UPDATE (09/02/12): I’ve noticed a sudden spike of traffic to this post – Can someone please comment and let me know what’s going on? I assume the scammers are doing a fresh go-around of this campaign.

UPDATE (23/03/12): Are you exposed to the security flaw announced by Microsoft last week? It affects ALL versions of Windows. Find out with our latest project RDPCheck, it’s fast, safe and free.

UPDATE (25/03/12): This post is going gangbusters today – Over 50 people looking at it while I type this mostly from USA, Australia and Thailand. If someone could please send me the link that’s going around today I’ll investigate and credit you for it.

UPDATE (25/03/12): I received an updated link just now and follow it through. This time no video – Just a fake Facebook page with an image in it that’s meant to LOOK like an embedded Youtube video. If you click on the Youtube image you will get click-jacked (i.e. the equivalent of clicking “Like”) which is how this thing is spreading around. There is no video.

UPDATE (30/03/12): This page has received 50,000 page views in the past 5 days, mostly from the USA. Please send screenshots of the latest version of this scam and copies of the links (CAREFULLY…) to Also, when you’re done reading take a moment and go check out RDPCheck. Thanks!

UPDATE (31/03/12): Here’s a shot of the version going around in the USA kindly supplied by one Benjamin Fowler…






UPDATE (1/04/12): One Brad Bacon mentioned that he is seeing the same image as above several times a day at the moment. He provided two separate links… Both masqerading as being hosted on Blogspot – Both with malicious code.

27 thoughts on “SCAM: [Video] – Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!

  1. Don’t bother trying to look at it. It boring anyways! Just a video of a ‘fully clothed’ woman riding her horse on the beach. You’re not missing anything.

  2. Dude, your Uber cool social media gadget which has absolute position blocks stuff when you scroll….. Just saying :). Like your ideas that you shared too btw….. looks like the video is fortuitous for more than the scammers :P

  3. Anyone know how to completely remove this from your facebook “like” page? I can’t get it off for the life of me…

  4. Dude thanx for warning us. I really wanted to see. F#ck I almost fell for this one cuz one of my friends liked it.

  5. I came here because I saw my cousin post the video. When I googled the text of the scam, this was the first result.

  6. shitballs, i clicked on this because im a sucker for tits. is it a virus or just click jacking me? any tips on what i should do?

  7. I viewed my profile, found the video, marked it as spam (don’t know if you need to do that, but whatever) “unliked” it and it went away. I have the timeline profile, btw.

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