How To Disconnect On LinkedIn

On the whole I quite like LinkedIn as a professional social networking platform, but there’s one thing in particular that irks me…

Can anyone tell me How To Disconnect On LinkedIn?

I get the feeling that LinkedIn make it deliberately difficult to find, which sort of makes sense… A bigger and better connected social graph means more people within your “three degrees of separation” which roughly equates to a higher perceived value…

Right? Probably…

From issues of verbosity, to disagreement, to flat out not wanting to be professionally associated with a person anymore – There are lots of reasons one might want to disconnect from a fellow LinkedIn user. I can tell you now that the “normal” method via the LinkedIn website requires patience, a map, and an iron will.

Here’s the easier way:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into LinkedIn.
  2. View the profile of the person from which you wish to part company. Your URL bar should look something like the picture below. The arrow is pointing to the spot where the LinkedIn ID should be (I’ve removed the ID to protect the innocent).

    How To Disconnect On LinkedIn

  3. Paste their LinkedIn ID into the following link – replacing the “000000000”:
  4. Click enter on the link and you’re done!

That’s How To Disconnect On LinkedIn. Leave a comment if this helps.

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